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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Forever Free....

I've only recently discovered the DivShare, the cloud based storage service I used to host the free book "Why Comics?" has shut down.  It's not a huge loss, as I didn't have a lot else stored there, but it would have been nice had they sent out a notice to their subscribers. 
In any case, it means I have to redirect readers who might want to snag a copy of the free book, so you'll notice that the sidebar on the left now points to the listing at DriveThru Comics.  You will have to register for a DriveThru account to get the book, but membership is free, and by joining up, you will also get access to the free issue of "The Journals of Simon Pariah", Issue 1A - "A Pair of Boots". 
If that's not enough of an incentive, you also get access to all the other free content on DriveThru. I know it's probably not the smartest thing to recommend someone else's books, but I enjoy their content myself, and can't dispute the amount of good work they have on there.  A few recommendations, if I may:

  • Artesia #1 from Archaia Entertainment - the art in this series is just beautiful.
  • Dork Tower #1 from Dork Storm Press - THE comic for gaming geeks, and I just love Jon Kovalic's art.
  • Deadworld Vol. 1 #1 from Caliber - Zombies!  Long before anyone had heard of the Walking Dead, Vince Locke was ruling the zombie genre with this book.
  • Dead Future #1 from Raven Warren Studios - Zombies again! In space no less!  Zombies in space!  What more do you want?

And that's only a small portion of the free books they have available there.  Go grab them all!  Just make sure to read ours first!

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