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Monday, January 23, 2017

Brutal Best of Bruno the Bandit: Day 2

Welcome back to another installment of The Brutal Best of Bruno the Bandit.  Today, we're featuring the first appearance of Bruno's sidekick, who's been in the strip nearly as long as our eponymous bandit, Fiona the Micro-Dragon.  The Abbott to Bruno's Costello, the Martin to his Lewis, Fiona shows every indication from the outset of being smarter and more capable than Bruno, a facet of their relationship which would remain constantly true.
As an interesting bit of trivia, I have a collection of early pre-publication copies of the first few Bruno stories in my files in which Fiona has a different name, one which Ian decided not to use in the end because it bore too much similarity to another comic strip character.  I always have and still do prefer the original name, but it's Ian's baby, so who am I to argue?

Be sure to click through to view the strip full sized.


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