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Now Available: The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit Vol. 8!

 Long overdue, but worth the wait, The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit Vol. 8 is now available!  Gaze in wonder at the cover by Clint "...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Now Available: The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit Vol. 6!

Brutal Blade Vol. 6 is live and on the air!

With this book, we reach the midpoint of the Bruno the Bandit archives, and also reach a turning point in the career of Bruno the Bandit.  If the cover below doesn't give you a clue as to what that is, you'll just have to get the book and read it for yourself!

Sporting 6 complete Bruno the Bandit stories and a glorious pinup of Ella the Fame Vampire by Silphy the Blue, all wrapped up in a fantastic new cover by Ian McDonald (colored by me, humble Mike Dominic), this is a collection to treasure!
From the back cover:

The Return of the King! The rightful king of Rothland, that is.  Meanwhile, Bruno and Xantippa find one ring to bind them...much to our hero's dismay. While it doesn't lead to good fellowship, the situation does make Bruno's daughter even MORE precious! Plus, when Bruno conquers the Seven Deadly Sins, he is immortalized in statuary so that he too towers over the Stuff of Legends! Indulge your reading hobbit (ok that was REALLY a stretch) once again, as some of the best comics on the web become some of the funniest comics in self-publishing!

This one, like all the Bruno the Bandit books from AIM Comics, is available right now in handy print and digital formats.  Just click the "Buy Now" button below to grab your digital copy (pdf) directly for only $1.50 via Gumroad, or follow the links below to your choice of retailers to grab your copy right now!


As always, we'd love to hear from the readers.  Drop us a line at info@aimcomics.com or drop by our Facebook page and share your thoughts.  If you're a reviewer, I'd be happy to send you a complimentary pdf copy; just send me an email address and a link to the site where you will be posting your review.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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