Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Sale at DriveThru Comics!

Did you know that AIM Comics is participating in the Halloween sale at DriveThru Comics?  Well you do now!  Not only can you grab the current, Stephen King themed issue of Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit and the second issue of The Journals of Simon Pariah at a significant discount, but keep en eye out for the grinning pumpkins around the site, as they lead to free treats courtesy of Drive Thru Comics.

DriveThru Comics...this time of year it's spooky good!


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Friday, August 14, 2015

Now Available: The Journals of Simon Pariah #2!

"The Journals of Simon Pariah" #2 is available today in print from Amazon and in digital form from DriveThru Comics!
This issue is set in Scotland in the early 17th Century, as Simon has an encounter with ancient forces in the person of a strange red-haired woman and the powers at her command.  Simon Pariah must stand in the teeth of the wind and face "The Hounds of the Forest"!

This story is one of the original stories run at the old Comic Genesis website, wrapped in a redrawn cover and slightly edited for this version, along with a bibliography (!) and several pages of sketches and notes from the development of the story.  
 It was partly inspired by the film "Braveheart" and the legend of William Wallace, and partly from a dream told to me by a friend of mine, who did double duty as the inspiration for the female lead in the story.
It's weird, it's fantastic and it's Simon Pariah all the way!  Check it out today!



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Upcoming Event: Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival 2015!

DCAF 2015 is this Sunday, Auguust 16!  I'll be there again this year, just inside the main entrance, with a fine selection of art in various forms for you to enjoy, and will be doing free sketches on the AIM Comics DCAF 2015 Preview Book.  Be sure to drop by and say hello!

Monday, May 4, 2015

East Coast Comic Expo 2015!

East Coast Comic Expo 2015 is coming up fast; as of this writing it's just two weekends away.  While I won't be there this year (we all know you were really coming to see the AIM Comics table, right?), that's no reason why you should miss it.  Get in there and see the other fantastic artists from our region (including Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit alumni Sandy Carruthers and Geof Isherwood  - who may have done some other important work as well, but that's another story!), and all the wonderful toys that the good folks at ECCE will have for you.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Now Available! The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit Vol. 5!

Oyez! Oyez! The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit Vol. 5 is now available in both print and digital formats for your elucidation and entertainment!  Get thee now to Amazon (for the print edition) or DriveThru Comics (for the digital version) to procure the latest in humour and fantasy from the pen of Ian McDonald!

From the book's description:

"Unless you've been living under a dome, you know that The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit is a shining example of great comics! No doubt you've had insomnia waiting for the next volume, but you need live in desperation no longer, for here it is! End your misery; make a stand by putting Brutal Blade on your list of needful things!

The stories in this volume are guaranteed to transport you to joyland, from the wastelands of "Castle's Lot" where we meet the dark half of Bruno's favorite author, to "The Lair of Morpheum" where our heroes get snared by the original dream catcher, to "1001", where Bruno must brave the dead zone of dietary hell!

You won't want to miss this revival of webcomics history, and one of the best comics on the web becomes one of the funniest comics in print."

In case you didn't figure it out from that glaringly obvious blurb, there's a Stephen King parody in this one.   There's also a cover by my own humble self, and to top it off, this book features the meta-dimensional story "The Lair of Morpheum", which was my first effort at creating an original storyline for Bruno the Bandit.  All in all, it's jam packed with the goodness you've come to expect from Bruno the Bandit and crew.  Get it now!

Edit:  As usual, pdf copies for reviewers are complimentary.  Just send me an email address and a link to the site where you'll be reviewing the book, and I'll get you a copy ASAP!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What's Up? Catching up with AIM Comics

Things have been quiet around AIM Comics central lately. That's due to a number of things, personal and otherwise, but mainly because I've been trying to catch up on other, unrelated work. Now, however, I seem to have a steady ship running again (for the moment...nobody look at it wrong), so it's time for an update on the Work in Progress of AIM Comics. Here's what's in the hopper right now:

 -The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit, Vol. 5 is in the works. Featuring a great selection of stories (aren't they all?), and a cover by yours truly. In a perfect world I'd have this one ready for release by the end of October. We'll see...
  -A new version of Brutal Blade Vol. 1 for Kindle. Because the current version is just terrible, frankly. The content is fine, but the orientation on most devices is, at best, wacky. I'm building a new version using Kindle Comic Creator. If that works out, I'll be doing the rest of the Brutal Blades as well as our other books the same way.
-The Journals of Simon Pariah, issue 2. Republishing "The Hounds of the Forest" from the website archives, this one just needs to be rescanned and compiled. In a perfect world, it would be done before Xmas. As with BBoBtB vol. 5, we'll see.
-H.P. Lovecraft's Supernatural Horror in Literature. All my research tells me that this essential essay is in the public domain, so I'm going full-steam ahead with an illustrated version that will be released in both print and digital versions (although I will highly recommend the print version; there's going to be some detailled work in here). As of right now, there's projected to be 30+ illustrations plus an illustrated cover, with all work by yours truly. This one's going to take a little longer (in my case, "a little" may be read in geological terms) as I want to really make this a labor of love. Check out our Facebook page for updates and preview art as they become available.

That's it for now, but with everything else I'm working on, that's enough. While you're waiting, dear reader, don't forget to check out all our past offerings (including the free ones!) at DriveThru Comics and Amazon. I've gotta get back to work....

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Upcoming Event: Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival

So for those not already in the know, I'll be an exhibitor at Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival on Sunday, August 17.  This is an annual, free event held at Alderney Gate in Dartmouth, NS, showcasing (mostly) local comics creators.  The guest list this year includes some fairly big names, including Faith Erin Hicks, Sandy Carruthers, Nick Bradshaw, Geof Isherwood, Gisele Lagace and Kate Leth, so it looks like I'll be in good company.

Similar to the East Coast Comic Expo, I'll be doing sketches as well as selling prints of past work, and will have a sampling of AIM Comics material.  If you're in the area, drop by the table and say hello!