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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brutal News!

Since I've recently polished off the 2nd (and, hopefully, next to last) draft of the Bruno the Bandit book, I think it's time to announce some details.  It looks like the book will be published much sooner than I had at first anticipated, so it's getting on time to get excited!

The title of the book will be "The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit".  I can't take credit for that, the title is Ian's.  I like the way it pays tribute to the strip's influences from Robert E. Howard, while doing something alliteratively fun.
The first issue is slated to be 72 pages, b&w, with a color cover.  We've got a stellar guest artist for the front cover and some commentary from an industry legend for the back cover.  We've also got an introduction and a selection of Bruno illustrations from a veritable "who's who" of webcomics.  I'll be posting more about them later, along with a preview of the cover. 
As mentioned in a previous post, we are planning to offer this book in a print on demand edition and a digital edition, and will also be trying to bring it to the iOS platform.  Fans of Bruno might want to watch here and over at Bruno the Bandit for more news on that front.

As it stands, I've just got a few spot illustrations to get in place and the book will be finished, so I'd estimate that the next month will bring some exciting results. 

In the meantime, I'm also working on a non-Bruno freebie that I'll be making available through this site, so, to misquote Stephen Spielberg...keep watching the blog!

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