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Friday, October 21, 2022

Now Available: Lovecraftian Horror Coloring Book!

 Available now In print at Amazon and digitally at DriveThru Comics, it's the Lovecraftian Horror Coloring Book!

Over the past few years, I've created a fair number of Lovecraft-themed illustrations, whether it was for the Lovecraft eZine, for the Lovecraft's Monsters playing card deck,  or for other projects.  In this book, I've finally collected them all together in their original black and white glory.  The pages are designed single-sided so they can be colored and even removed for display.  

I've even set up a special email address (find it in the book's introduction) where you can send me photos or scans of your color work and share the fun!

I'm a hardcore Lovecraft and cosmic horror fan, so this has been a real labor of love for me; I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I put into making it.

From the back cover:

"A monstrous compendium of art based on the creatures of Lovecraft's Mythos.  The stars are right and the Old Ones wait...wait, that is, for you to add the colors that will bring these cosmic horrors to terrifying life!

Lovingly created by a fan of Lovecraft's work for like-minded fans who want to explore their own artistic visions, this book contains illustrations based on descriptions in the original texts.  From Cthulhu to Herbert West, the best of the Mythos is represented here in distinct artistic interpretations.

Each page is single-sided for coloring, but backed with relevant quotes about the creatures being illustrated.  Every page is scanned from the artist's original drawings.  Grab your colors and enjoy bringing new life to these classic horrors!"




GlassSpiider said...

Heloo! I followed a tweet to DTComics to this coloring book but I can't find anywhere how many pages it is. Can you help?

Dominic said...

The book has 62 pages, including covers, of which 26 pages are illustrations backed with relevant quotes from Lovecraft's fiction.