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Thursday, October 2, 2014

What's Up? Catching up with AIM Comics

Things have been quiet around AIM Comics central lately. That's due to a number of things, personal and otherwise, but mainly because I've been trying to catch up on other, unrelated work. Now, however, I seem to have a steady ship running again (for the moment...nobody look at it wrong), so it's time for an update on the Work in Progress of AIM Comics. Here's what's in the hopper right now:

 -The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit, Vol. 5 is in the works. Featuring a great selection of stories (aren't they all?), and a cover by yours truly. In a perfect world I'd have this one ready for release by the end of October. We'll see...
  -A new version of Brutal Blade Vol. 1 for Kindle. Because the current version is just terrible, frankly. The content is fine, but the orientation on most devices is, at best, wacky. I'm building a new version using Kindle Comic Creator. If that works out, I'll be doing the rest of the Brutal Blades as well as our other books the same way.
-The Journals of Simon Pariah, issue 2. Republishing "The Hounds of the Forest" from the website archives, this one just needs to be rescanned and compiled. In a perfect world, it would be done before Xmas. As with BBoBtB vol. 5, we'll see.
-H.P. Lovecraft's Supernatural Horror in Literature. All my research tells me that this essential essay is in the public domain, so I'm going full-steam ahead with an illustrated version that will be released in both print and digital versions (although I will highly recommend the print version; there's going to be some detailled work in here). As of right now, there's projected to be 30+ illustrations plus an illustrated cover, with all work by yours truly. This one's going to take a little longer (in my case, "a little" may be read in geological terms) as I want to really make this a labor of love. Check out our Facebook page for updates and preview art as they become available.

That's it for now, but with everything else I'm working on, that's enough. While you're waiting, dear reader, don't forget to check out all our past offerings (including the free ones!) at DriveThru Comics and Amazon. I've gotta get back to work....

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Anonymous said...

I truly wish to see Bruno return, even if Ian has retired...surely someone else can take over and get our beloved bandit and his dragon pal back into action; I want to see how the strip that's unfinished continues, as poor Bruno is still in the slammer.