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Friday, September 2, 2011

Herc! Herc!

Check this out....the Crom! blog is running a color job I did on a piece of art by Mike DeStasio (aka Mikeyboy).  It's a comic from an alternate universe featuring a meeting between Conan and Marvel's Hercules.  Click the pic to go visit Crom! and see the pic full sized.

Mike DeStasio is one of the artists whose work you will find featured in the upcoming second volume of "Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit".  He was good enough to grace us with a fine figure drawing of our favorite ne'er-do-well that I think and hope you all will enjoy.  For more by Mikeyboy, check out the Crom! blog on a regular basis, as well as his other blogs, "My Favorite Covers", "Red Sonja: She Devil With a Sword", "The Mighty Blog of Hercules", and "Shanna the She Devil Blogger".  They're all great fan blogs chock full of enough photos and art to please any fanboy.  Collect them all!

09-14-11: Update:  Here's another piece I did for Mike's "The Mighty Blog of Hercules" featuring Marvel's Herc vs. Charlton's Herc....there can be only one!  Art once again by Mike DeStatio, color and paste-up by myself.

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Mike D. said...

Once again..Great job DOM..and thank you.