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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Renderwrx #3 Now Available

Check it out...Renderwrx magazine issue 3 just hit the web, and you really should go check it out, if for no other reason, then for their excellent and enlightening article on T.M. Maple. 
For anyone who remembers comics from the 80's, especially the letters pages, T.M. Maple is a name you should recognize, as nearly every title worth mentioning ran at least one letter from him at some point.  Inarguably the most prolific and arguably the most insightful comic fan at the time, his fan letters numbered in the thousands.  At a time when it was mark of distinction to be published in a comic's letters page, T.M. Maple possibly had more words published than some comic book writers. 
I'd always assumed that his name was a pseudonym, and every now and then I'll find myself wondering whatever happened to him.  These points and more are addressed in an excellent article in the latest issue of Renderwrx, which also includes, as always, some good reviews and previews of independent comics.  It's free, it's good, and it's available right now!  What more do you want?  Go get it!

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