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Monday, May 2, 2011

Renderwerx Magazine Now Available

Does anyone remember fanzines?  I mean the good ones, like RBCC or Spa Fon where the contributors were, often as not, intelligent writers as well as being comic book nuts, and turned out work with actual insight?  While those low print run, local distribution magazines have segued into blogs, and the writers have either gone on to become legend (like Rascally Roy Thomas) or faded into obscurity, the idea of a well-run fanzine lives on in digital form, and it has found its latest incarnation in Renderwrx Magazine.
Freshly debuted, Renderewrx Magazine is a 40 page pdf magazine published by the editors of the Renderwrx website.  The site itself is a well put together home for comics news and reviews, and the magazine takes the idea a step further by publishing longer, in-depth articles, previews of some nice looking indy comics, and ads for publishers (like AIM Comics!) who are worth a look, but may not yet be big enough to get the attention they deserve elsewhere.  The first issue, available for free right now and right here, boasts an ultra-cool cover by artist Phillip S. Neuendorf, an article that gives the hairy eyeball to some of Marvel's past editorial decisions, a portfolio review by comics pros, and an analysis of the flaws of mainstream comics in the 90's, among other things.  There's also links to indy comics and comics related websites that I'm going to have to spend some time checking out, if only to see what the competition is doing.
While I'm at it, I should give thanks to the editors/publishers for giving AIM Comics some room in their first issue to plug "The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit"; it's great to be included in the launch of a fun project like this one.

Clocking in a just under 5 MB for the download, Renderwrx Magazine is a quick, free route to a good quality magazine that shows you just what the internet can be good for.  Go grab a copy and see if you don't agree.

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