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Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Day...

OK; one last update.
All the Limited Edition books are now in the mail, with their attendant certificates.  Ian did a bangup job on the sketches, and I think all you buyers are going to be really happy with the results.
As always, I'd love to hear from any and all of you when you receive the books.  Thanks once again, and happy reading!

"Yes, child of mine?"
"Dad, where were you the last day they sold the Limited Edition of Bruno the Bandit?"
"Well,...um, you see....economy...recession....downturn...business...."
"Dad...you were eating Cheetos and watching pirated episodes of Family Guy, weren't you?"
"Yes, child of mine...yes I was."
"Oh, Dad."

Don't let this be a conversation you have with your darling offspring.  Buy one of the remaining copies of the Limited Edition of Bruno the Bandit now, before it's too late.

Final update:  Ian tells me that he's got the books all done and they're on their way back to me, so they should be winging their way to the buyers by week's end.

Final final update:  And we're done!  Many thanks to all who purchased this edition.  Ian and I both appreciate all the support you've given to this fledgling enterprise.  You fans rock!

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