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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Time to Close the Book on the Journals

Due to an overwhelming lack of interest...not least of all on the part of the creator...the series "The Journals of Simon Pariah" is cancelled at AIM Comics.

I've been flogging this dead horse for over two decades now, and it's time to admit that it's just not working.  At this point, all I'm doing...when I'm doing anything at all...is rehashing old material, and I haven't got the fire in me to create any new stories.  There's still a lot that could be done with the series, but I don't see myself doing it, and even if I did nobody's reading it.  I've run it up the flagpole and no one's saluting. 
That's not to say that I've got no creative ideas left at all...I've got more ideas than I have time to get to (that's a problem for another day).  So, it's time to close the door on this project and see if I can't free up some brain space for something that I actually feel inspired to finish.
The existing books will remain on sale for now; they're pretty good in their own way so they might be worth a look.  Other than that, the only project at AIM Comics for the next little while will be my reprints of Ian McDonald's "Bruno the Bandit" series.  At least until I get something else interesting up and running.

That's all.  Move on to something more interesting.  I think I saw some cat gifs around here somewhere.

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