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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cover Artist for Brutal Blade Vol. 3: Sandy Carruthers

I'm one proud publisher to be able to say that for the cover of Volume 3 of "The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit" we've managed to score an original piece from artist extraordinaire Sandy Carruthers.  He's recently delivered the finished art to me, and it's nothing short of fantastic!

Sandy has had, so far, a prestigious career in comics, including being the illustrator for the original Men in Black comic book for Malibu (yes, the very same book on which the films were loosely based), handling the art chores for a while on Captain Canuck (Canada's own premiere superhero, no matter what Marvel might say), and the webcomic "Canadiana" (now sadly offline). 
At present, Sandy is an instructor at Prince Edward Island's Holland College and is working on the Twisted Journey's series of books from Graphic Universe (a graphic novel version of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books).

Ian and I had the good fortune to share an Artist's Alley with Sandy at the 2011 Hal-Con.  He produces some incredible convention sketches and is knowledgeable about not just comics, but the history of art in general.  It made for some great conversation that weekend, and I'm definitely looking forward to this year's event.

Please take a minute to check out Sandy's site and see some of the beautiful work he's posting these days.  Then check back here later, when I'll be posting a preview of his...did I mention it's fantastic?...cover for Brutal Blade, shortly before the next book is released.

Now I've got to go...see, I've got this fantastic! piece of art that I have to color....

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Mike D. said...

Wowzers...I visited the site. Nothing less than amazing. Great pick. Can't wait to see the new cover.