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Monday, October 31, 2011

Brutal Blade Vol. 2 Now Available for Kindle! plus Hal-Con Update

At long last, "The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit" Vol. 2 is now available for Kindle.  For just $3.99, you can get this great collection of strips and art to read on your Kindle, desktop or any mobile device running the Kindle app (I'm partial to having it on my Android phone myself, but to each their own).  Click here to go to the book's Amazon US page, or search "Brutal Blade" on Amazon to find this and all our other editions of Brutal Blade, volumes 1 and 2. 
As with the Kindle edition of the first book, I'm offering a special discount to one reader.  The first person to purchase the Kindle edition and email me a receipt will receive a refund of 125% of the purchase price - that's $5.00 for you non-mathematicians - via Paypal.  The only condition is that in your email you have to give me your opinion of how the book looks on your device.  Not owning a Kindle myself, I'd like to know how the formatting appears on other devices.  So drop me a line and earn some cash back.

In other news, it's less than two weeks to Hal-Con.  Between one thing and another, I'm busy trying to get everything ready.  That includes preparing banners, books (see below), posters and other items that will be available at our table.
If you're in the Halifax area, drop by Artist Alley and say hello to Ian and myself.  We'll both be showing off our work, and doing sketches, and there will be copies of both volumes of Brutal Blade available for your enjoyment.  Also, don't forget that cover artist for volume 2, Geof Isherwood, will be in attendance at his own table, and I'm sure you'll be able to hit him up to sign your copy as well.  We're looking forward to meeting any Bruno fans out there, and maybe making a few new ones while we're at it.  See you there!

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shoot..wish I could have attended