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Monday, July 4, 2011

Bruno Has an App for That!

Hey...did you know that there's now a Bruno the Bandit app for iOS and Android?  Well, you do now!

Recently released, the Bruno the Bandit app was developed by Oz Apps and is available at both the App Store and Android Market.  For a mere 99 cents, you can get the full-color Bruno adventure, "Sulk and Crossbones", which, as far as I know, was only ever previously published as a one-shot print on demand comic book.  That means you won't get it in any volume of Brutal Blade (yet) nor in any of the Plan Nine books.  It's a great, fun read and well worth the money.  If you're a Bruno fan, or just enjoy some good comics, it's well worth your money.

In the interests of full disclosure, the Bruno the Bandit app is not published by AIM Comics; this baby is the work of Ian McDonald and Oz Apps.  I've tried it out myself, and think it's a fine piece of work...why don't you go and see if you agree?

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