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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Local Hero is Free!

This coming Saturday, 7 May, is the most important holiday of the year...Free Comic Book Day!  I was hoping to get out and do some sketches and meet some comics fans like I did last year, but my favorite local shop is not hosting a sketch panel this year, so instead I've dug out an older piece of work to make available for free to mark the occasion.
AIM Comics is not yet an official sponsor of Free Comic Book Day, but that's no reason I can't honor the occasion by giving you a free read.  In this case, it's a short story, "Local Hero", that I did as a submission for the SPX biography-themed anthology a few years ago.  This piece actually honors two Halifax figures who are important to comics:  Hal Foster, the creator and artist of "Prince Valiant" and the original "Tarzan" comic strip, and Calum Johnston, the owner of (and this is verifiable) the Greatest Comic Shop in the World, Strange Adventures.  It's probably not the most professional piece of work in comics, and it's more than a bit fannish, but I'll make no bones about being a fanboy.
The story is in .cbz format, which means it can be read with Comical, CDisplay or any of the many digital comics readers, including myComics on iOS.  If you'd like to give it a look, you can download it right here.
As always, comments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged, either by email or by comments on this post.
And whatever else you do this weekend, be sure to make time to drop by your local comics shop and partake in the annual wonder that is....Free Comic Book Day!

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