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Monday, December 27, 2010

Renderwrx Reviews Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit!

Our first review is in from Renderwrx Productions, and it's...well, it's not so good.  Reviewer PD Houston has some lukewarm to downright cold things to say about our first offering, and although they're not positive, at least they're honest.
I can't say I entirely agree with Houston's review, but then I can't say that Bruno the Bandit is for everyone.  If you're looking for edgy comics with the depth of Alan Moore or the bite of Warren Ellis, this ain't it.  I think Ian would agree (correct me if I'm wrong, Ian) that fun and entertainment are the primary goals of Bruno, so Houston's suggestion that the strip is for "someone who still likes what they put in the sunday newspapers" is to a certain degree accurate, and to a similar degree incorrect.
But it's never productive to argue with one's critics, especially when they're being honest.  So I will instead suggest that you go read Houston's review here, then go read some of Bruno the Bandit here, or download a preview of the first issue of "Brutal Blade..." here, and decide for yourself whether Bruno is for you.

And thanks to Houston and the Renderwrx crew for taking the time to read the book and give us your honest opinion.  Good or bad, the feedback is appreciated.