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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halcyon Halcon

What a weekend!  I spent the better part of the last two days at Halcon, the first big sci-fi/fantasy/comic convention in 15 years.  I got the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, see some spectacular costumes and even spread the word of Bruno the Bandit a little.  This is only the second big con I've been to, and I had an amazingly good time.  I'm definitely looking forward to future cons, except that I hope to be seeing things from the other side of the table, as a presenter.
Seen above, the lobby of the Lord Nelson hotel in Halifax, where Halcon 2010 took place.  I think there's bellhops and doormen in desperate need of some self-medication after being inundated by the creme-de-la-geek of the region.  That's what you get for hanging out with business suits all the time...the real world just smacks you in the face, and it's wearing Spidey pyjamas and a Battlestar Galactica cape.
  As might be expected, Doctor Who fans runneth over at an event like this, and there were more bowties and blazers than you could shake a sonic screwdriver at.  There were some very good resemblances, not to mention this Dalek model that was a big attention getter.  "Direct me to guest services, or I will EXTERMINATE!!!"

Of course, some people, whether intentional or not, went for a more old-school approach, such as this Cyberman who could have walked right off a Tom Baker set. 
Unfortunately Jeremy Bulloch cancelled his appearance, but lest anyone be reminded that they wouldn't know him out of costume if they tripped over him, there was this first-rate Boba Fett who did a bang-up job of imitating the only actor from Star Wars less recognizable than David Prowse.
I haven't had the chance yet to find out if this guy won the costume contest, but he certainly deserved to place in the top three for his homemade Iron Man costume.  It was one of those costumes that was so good, it looked like it was bought from a high-end dealer.  Even with his visor raised, he was reminiscent of Tony Stark...except that I don't think the iron Avenger ever required someone to hold up his faceplate for him.  Well, maybe in his more gin-soaked days, but not generally. 
My other personal pick for top contenders was this guy, who did such a dead-on Ash, I'm surprised he didn't call me a primitive screwhead and offer to introduce me to his boomstick.

 One of the more creepy costumes of the day....at least intentionally so...was this good steampunk doctor, ready to battle the plague at its worst.  Actually, steampunk was very well represented at this event.  This was my first meeting with real steampunk costumers, and I think the level of detail they put into their costumes is just mind-boggling.  Somehow, a whole generation of mechanical engineers has gone seriously, but interestingly, awry.

 But top marks for creepy for the day has to go to this young lady and her "It's Alive" baby.  This was movie quality stuff, topped off with a truly disturbing pair of contact lenses.  I haven't been so similarly attracted and repelled since the first time I hooked up with a drunk chick in university.

 Just as good as the costumes, for me, were the many craftsmen and artists I met.  Such as this fellow, Robert, who had built a 6' scale model of the Alexei Leonov from "2010".  The detail and the hours of work that went into this job were just outstanding.  Whole sections were articulated around a central steel pipe, and the whole thing disassembles for transport.  The various lights along the length of it are functional, and in comparison with a photo of the original, I was unable to spot even tiny differences.  This man needs a movie contract to pay off his hard work (not to mention his wife's patience).

That's the best of my photos.  I'll be back at another time with some comments on the various creators and artists I met there.

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Anonymous said...

The Undead Nurse is Pam Little-Lovin. Her costume is fantastic (and horrifying!)