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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cover Preview and a Contest

Looks like a few of you are finding your way here from the Bruno the Bandit Facebook page.  Welcome!  I hope you Bruno fans are looking forward to the release of "Brutal Blade..." as much as I am.
Just to move things ahead, here's a small preview of the cover art for the first book.  I'm not gonna give it all away, and I'm not gonna say who just yet, but I will make a contest of this.  If you think you can identify the artist who'll be doing a guest spot on our first cover, send me an email with your guess, and one lucky winner will receive a free pdf advance copy of the first issue of "Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit".  The book is nearing completion, and any advance copies will be sent out about a week before the actual publication date.
You've got until Hallowe'en, that's 31 October, to get your guesses in.  Good luck!

EDIT:  OK, I'm getting some visitors, but not a lot of guesses.   Let me see if I can help out with a little hint.  Our guest cover artist is a longtime comics pro, with credits on Batman, Jonah Hex and Conan the Barbarian.  He's known for a heavy inking style and is tremendous at drawing large, complicated battle scenes.  Does that help?

EDIT 2:  For the record, email addresses will be discarded once the contest ends.  We will not harvest, sell or reuse contact information in any way.   All above board, and notice that at no time do my hands ever leave my wrists.

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